Friday, January 31, 2014

Paintbox Days

Mary Cogley, Artist
Looking back over last week; I realized I had not been able to paint due to some extra demands on my time.   So by the weekend, I found myself really hungry for the joy and freedom of creating with color!  It feels almost like a physical hunger for the energy of the water and colors and wonderful paper! In fact, to me.....colors even have a sound!

I was so excited to have free time to play with my watercolors that I did three on Saturday and two on Sunday. The first two are just fun depictions of a drummer in a sort of beach setting which reminds me of the awesome cool feeling I get from hand drumming. The other makes me think of absolute joy. This happy primitive looking stick figure reminds me of how I feel at our annual Summer Rhythm Renewal.....four days of joyful drumming, dancing, and affirmation of one another. 

The third one is, once again; a sunrise, called Mellow Morning, pulled from my memories of August, 2013, at the Outer Banks, NC. I turn to these memories for happiness, comfort, and peace.

Hopefully I have pulled the people who view my work into my space when I transfer my feelings into a watercolor painting.

Soon these new offerings will be posted in my Etsy shop for you to purchase if you wish.

Until then .....I will be "playing in my paint box".

Wishing you joy!Mary

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