Saturday, March 8, 2014

Expressing Winter Thoughts 2014

The past weeks have brought many snow falls to our area and a friend of mine posted the other day that he loved the silence that comes with snow. I do, as well, and it reminded me that there are positive aspects to the winter season. Among them are the quiet and peace when Mother Earth is wrapped in her white blanket for a time of rest and renewal. And there is the absolute beauty of a snowfall! Not to mention the unique quality of each snowflake! There are winter hikes through the woods and skiing and sledding for those who love them.

So I decided to honor the beauty and picturesque quality of winter by doing a few paintings. I painted "Winter Sunset" to capture the beautiful bronze reflections the sunset was making on the snow. Then, I painted "Tree Spirit" to honor the survival of a very old tree that has been damaged but has survived many winters. And finally, I painted "Winter Magic" to honor the barren beauty of winter. The frozen landscape is made magical by a hint of sun and the falling snow.

I wish you all the peace of winter and look forward to the coming spring,

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