Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day's End

Mary Cogley, Artist
I have a lovely memory of evenings at the Outer Banks, North Carolina during our visit in summer, 2013.  It is of a soft warmth, after the intense heat of the day has subsided and the setting sun bathes the sky, and the sand, in a warm glow.

Things are peaceful and quiet now, and the beach-goers have taken their leave.  Only a few hearty souls are trying their skill at surfing and the gulls are sweeping the sky or parading along the sand. 

It is a wonderful time to relax or meditate and be comforted in the gradually dimming light of day, as the sky turns from pink and gold to dusk.

Soon, I'll list a new painting inspired by this, called  "Day's End."

Wishing you Peace,

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