I wanted to share bits & pieces of my artistic process, with my visitors. I took some pictures of the steps I take when I am in the process of creating a finished watercolor:

1. Sometimes a preliminary sketch or even slight markings on the paper itself to help me stay within the concept I'm going for.

2. Gathering materials—Paper, Brushes, jar of water for diluting paint or rinsing between colors,  and of course, watercolor paints, paper towels,  pencils, ruler, gum eraser and masking tape.

3.  Choosing colors that appeal to me and seem to go with the theme of the painting.

4.  Wetting the watercolor paper, then placing on a flat surface. When partially dry, I tape the tips of the corners to keep the paper as flat as I can.

5.  Adding paint to my palette as needed, and choosing brushes that are fitting for the task at hand. 

6.  I begin my process with a few deep breaths, and a few moments of meditation to connect with whatever inspiration might come through. Then I start painting, get lost in the process ... and find my joy!

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