Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mind/Body Connections

Two people of interest have appeared in my view in the past couple of days.

They both are working with the mind/body connection to enable people to improve their health or their lives.  I have been interested in concepts such as these for years and was fascinated to read or hear about these two Doctors and their research.

One is Mitchell Gaynor, MD,  who uses imagery and meditation with targeted sound to help with brainwave entrainment and balance.  He uses binaural beats and specific sounds to achieve this goal. There are samples of this on line and his recordings can also be purchased on iTunes.

I tried out the different ones and found them to be supportive and relaxing immediately.

Another  brilliant person  was on Dr. Oz  on 12-6-13.  He is David Hanscom MD, who is a well known orthopedic surgeon.  He has found that many back surgeries are done on people who have normal spines for their age.  He has been concerned about patients being in chronic pain for years following an illness, injury or surgery.  He discovered that the pain of these events is memorized by the brain and continues long after the event has passed.   He developed a way for people to create new brain pathways and has been quite successful in treating  people with chronic pain allowing them to become pain free.  He has written a book called "Back in Control"  which is available on

As a former RN and a holistic Reiki practitioner, these subjects are of much interest to me.  It has been found that a 50% reduction in chronic pain can be achieved by mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga.

You may wonder what this has to do with my painting, drumming, meditation, Reiki and yoga practices....

I have found that when I am engaged in any of these; I tend to lose myself and just leave behind any aches and pains I might be having.  So that is a "win-win" for me!  The pleasure of all the things i love and am passionate about combined with the benefit of mind/body connection and the healing it brings.

May all be well with you,

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