Sunday, December 1, 2013

Angel Concepts

Photo of Roger and Mary Cogley at Roger's Birthday 2013
Roger and me
My concept of angels has changed so much over the years!  When I was growing up I thought of them as they are pictured on "holy cards" that depict religious figures such as Jesus, Mother Mary, various saints and the angels.

At that time, I envisioned them as kind of sweet-natured beings with fluffy wings who kind of hovered around waiting to help or guard you from harm, or possibly telling you what you should or shouldn't do......reminding you of the many rules of conduct that my early religion espoused.

Now, however, many years later, my idea of who and what Angels are has changed so much that it amazes me! My vision of them now is of large and powerful, wondrous creatures who have beautiful white or many colored light streaming from them.  That is what we "see""as wings.  Also they can move with lightning speed, at will"; and so we say "they can fly".   

They have each been giving special attributes or qualities of the Divine, and seem to help with particular problems of us who are spirits on an earthly journey.

But more on that another day....


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