Monday, November 25, 2013

New Shop Items - Sunrise Morning and Guardian of the Night

Photo of Mary Cogley's Guardian of the Night
Guardian of the Night
Hello! I hope you'll take the time to view and hopefully buy my two new shop items, prints of my Sunrise Morning and Guardian of the Night watercolor paintings. You can see them on the Shop page of this site, or click these links:

Sunrise Morning
Guardian of the Night

These items are prints of originals, but, please let me know if you would like to order an original painting as well. It would be my pleasure to discuss options.

With peace and love,


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  2. For any art lover, the two new shop goods, "Sunrise Morning" and "Guardian of the Night," are priceless gems. With its brilliant colors and fine details, "Sunrise Morning" captures the fleeting beauty of dawn in a way that is both enthralling and energizing. It is quite amazing how it can inspire a sense of hope and fresh starts. However, "Guardian of the Night" has an air of mystery that borders on ethereality. In addition to the mysterious subject matter, the deliberate use of light and shadow evokes a sense of silent strength and alertness. Both pieces have a distinct aesthetic that highlights the artist's ability and vision.
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  5. Introducing two captivating additions to our shop: "Sunrise Morning" and "Guardian of the Night." "Sunrise Morning" exudes warmth and serenity with its vibrant hues and tranquil landscape, perfect for adding a touch of peaceful beauty to any space. Meanwhile, "Guardian of the Night" captures the mystique of twilight with its majestic nocturnal scene, offering a sense of protection and allure. Both artworks promise to enhance your decor with their evocative themes and exquisite craftsmanship. Explore these new arrivals to bring a blend of morning calm and nocturnal charm into your home or office environment. abogado flsa en virginia