Monday, January 17, 2011


"Angel of God, my guardian dear; To whom God's love commits me here; Ever this day, be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule, to guide."  My earliest memories include this prayer, a "must" before bedtime every night.  My idea of an Angel was a statue and I thought if there was anyone looking at me from Heaven, it would be with a critical eye toward keeping me on the right path!

It wasn't until what seemed like a couple of lifetimes later that I discovered the real power of these magnificent beings! In the late 1980's I read about them, took classes and workshops about them, meditated on them, and connected with people who had seen and heard them.

Once, in 1995, they appeared above me in a circle of pink and gold; filling the room with their energy and floating me through the end of a long and painful root canal.

In 1996, during an auto accident, I felt like my car was lifted up and deposited down just a few feet or so before it would have hit the wall of a brick building.

In 1998, during a particularly traumatic and painful hip replacement; I woke up in my room with the words:"Angels abound" resounding over and over in my head.  The angels were with me through every day of that long and difficult recovery.  I wrote many poems about them and felt their support and fell in love with their energy. They are all about light, power, strength, and love.  They have come with lightning speed with their powerful protection and amazing assistance to carry me through many scary and difficult times ever since.In recent years, their love and support have really helped me when waiting for a loved one's return from a serious surgery.

In terms of  everyday happenings, they surround my car when I drive and have helped me find lost items that showed up in the most amazing places.

I have a strong connection to the Angel energy so it is no wonder they became an important part of my artistic expression. In the beginning, angel forms were apt to show up in my paintings as I worked in a meditative state with watercolors.  Many times angels would seem to present themselves as needed for a particular person or cause.  For example, a person might be looking for clarity, comfort, or healing.  People who have owned prints of my work tell me they have provided comfort, support, joy and a sense of peace to them.


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